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Power Electronics I


This course is the first course on power electronics, designed for undergraduate students. Throughout this course, the student will know all the basics on poewr electronics. The student will learn the most important topologies and modulation strategies for different applications. The topics of the course can be mainly summarized as:

1.- Power Electronics Devices.

2.- Non-controlled and controlled rectifiers.

3.- DC/DC Converters.

4.- Single-phase inverter.

5.- Pulse width Modulation (PWM) for three-phase inverters

6.-Space Vector Modulation (SVM) for three-phase inverters.

7.- Space Vector Modulation for 3-level NPC inverter. 

This course is structurated into three parallel and independent modules:

  • Theoretical Part
  • Simulations and Exercises
  • Laboratory


Theory: Dr.-Ing. Félix Rojas Simulations: Gabriel Droguett (MSc Student) Exercises Matías Uriarte (MSc. Student) Laboratory Cristian Pineda (PhD. Student)